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  • Located in Hokkaido, Japan Best Parts is one of leaders in car parts export. We provide new or used parts upon request to our customer abroad. With more than 15 years of experience, we don't only provide outstanding services, but we ensure you that the vehicle you purchase meets our high quality standards and drives flawlessly.
    Please check below how we can start.
    1. Please decide what you need. Which models and approximate quantity, value either 20ft or 40ft container.
    Then send us Email (Contact Us)
    2. We arrange Pre-Invoice according to Your Order.
    Our Invoice calculates Total Volume and expected capacity for one container (20ft/40ft).
    3. Please check our Pre-Invoice with prices.
    4. Our prices are negotiable in case if order is already made. Please ask us.
    5. Once we design your container, and you are agree with it, then please place 50% deposit from Total cost within 7 working days.
    6. We reserve engines and parts once Your deposit will be confirmed. Then we start preparations for Your container.
    (*Please let us know name of Shipping Company You prefer.
    From the other hand, we deal with some Shipping Companies and can advice You the appropriate one).
    7.After container is packed, we will send you Fax Copy of Bill of Lading.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q : How Long will it take to make one container?

    A : Packing Container Physically takes only 1-2 days. However preparation is more important.
    That is why we send you Pre-Invoice. It is made according to our large stock which are not sold to anybody yet. It means we can pack your container immidiately. 

    Delay can arise if we do not have what you need in stock. If that happens, we also make Pre-Invoice stating how long it would take to get the particular parts or engines.
    As we handle USED engines and parts, we cannot surely say YES WE CAN GET. Instead, Only we can EXPECT according to our experiences.

    If a few parts or engines delay your container, it is your decision to start or wait.

    Q : Is there any other charges for your staffs packing a container?

    A : No, our FOB price includes PRICE OF ITEM, PACKING (LOADING), CHECKING.
    and only excludes Freight Cost and charges you need to pay at your destination.

    *However, at your request, we can pack containers with using Wood Panels to secure parts and engines better. In this case the cost of wood panels is at your expenses.
    (Scrap bonnets and floor mats between parts = Free of Charge)
    *Anyways we will inform you the Total cost.
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